Anthracite Base Plate 200x200x580


79.95 Per Length(Inc.VAT)

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This straight anthracite concrete base measures 220×220 mm and is therefore extra thick. This concrete base is therefore suitable and fits nicely with uprights of 190×190 and 200×200 mm. This 200x220x580 mm prefab concrete base is made of solid concrete, has a smooth finish and has chamfered edges (chamfered corner edges). The corresponding height-adjustable threaded end plate made of stainless steel or galvanized steel must be ordered separately!

This ready-to-use concrete base is ideal when building with large larch douglas fir uprights for roofs and sheds. Due to the straight shape, a concrete belt connects very tightly, unlike a beveled model. Moreover, with a straight model it is easy to get it level, which is just a bit more complicated with an inclined concrete base.

  • Luxurious Anthracite color and beautifully smoothed concrete
  • Straight model, ideal for connecting concrete bands tightly and for easier leveling
  • Choose yourself, order stainless steel or galvanized adjustment plate with threaded rod
  • Suitable for 20×20 and 19×19 cm uprights

Place this concrete base 2/3 in the ground on a tile in the ground. Then add a bag of quick cement. Ensure a 100% perpendicular arrangement. So make sure that the diagonal posts are exactly the same distance apart. You can easily adjust your post with this foot. The metal plate belonging to this concrete base is 12 x 12 cm and has a hole of m20 in the middle. The advantage of this very complete concrete base is that the mounting plate is already welded to the threaded rod. So you only have to attach the plate to your wooden uprights. First screw the height adjustment plate with lag bolts or counter head screws of 70-80 mm (some pre-drilling recommended) at the bottom of your wooden post of 15×15 or 20×20 cm thickness and then screw the whole thing carefully onto your base. Temporarily secure with battens.

Please note, do not forget to order 4 pieces of lag screws or 4 flange head screws with Torx head. This fixes the plate to your upright. Choose the length 8 cm and pre-drill it with a 4 mm drill, so that the bolt or screw is not too wide!


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4′ 8′ 12′ 16′ 20′
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DUBLIN SOUTH 50 65 65 65 65
50 100 150 150 250
MUNSTER 50 100 150 200 250
CONNAUGHT 50 100 150 200 250
ULSTER 50 100 150 200 250