Ultrashield – Brooklyn – Composite Decking – Teak 22.5x138x5000


22.5MM X 138MM X 5000MM


55.95 Per Length(Inc.VAT)

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Everything there is to know

  • Co-extruded decking
  • Reversible and removable profile
  • Matte brushed smooth face
  • Wood relief grained surface
  • Multi-chromatic colours
  • Stain and fading resistant

Product benefits

  • Co-extruded protection layer
  • Reversible profile: 2 effective sides
  • Stainless steel fastener groove


40% Polyethylene HD + 60% Wood fibre
0.0389 mm/m/°C
22.5 x 138 x 4000/5000 mm
1170 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity
Cobra Hybrid 8-18 stainless steel clip
Elastic modulus
3100 Mpa
Elastic modulus
Delta E = 1,09 < 5
Extrusion type
coextrusion 360°

Resistant to all stains

BROOKLYN co-extruded boards require very little maintenance. Stains such as grease, wine, or ketchup can be cleaned easily using soapy water. It is recommended to wash your deck using a pressure washer (120 bar maximum) at least once a year to remove any moss, which tends to accumulate in the winter and in parts not exposed to the sun.

Tougher stains may be washed with white spirit without the risk of fading.

Protective layer

A fine layer of polyethylene covering the entire board efficiently protects the composite wood against water and any moisture being picking-up. Expansions recorded are very low, with only 1 mm per linear meter when exposed to a 30° variation temperature.

The board is completely rain-proof, and rain flows off without letting water penetrate the protected composite wood. UV-resistant additives are also added to this thin layer to avoid any fading over time.



Fiberdeck guarantees that, for a 15-year period under normal and correct service conditions, and under installation conditions in compliance with instructions written by Fiberdeck, BROOKLYN boards will not be subject to any defect related to their manufacturing, cracks, splinters, delamination, rotting or structural damage caused by fungi, wood-eating insect or termite attacks.

Fiberdeck guarantees the resistance of BROOKLYN deck boards to stains and fading, subject to compliance with instructions for installation and use in residential applications.

BROOKLYN decking is fully resistant to stains, and its radiance is sustained by a co-extrusion process, which covers the board with a pure polyethylene film to ensure perfect sealing of the coating. Maintenance is easier and is limited to simply rinsing with water.

The high-density polyethylene and wood fibre mixture forming the core of the board also ensures very good resistance to knocks and wear.


BROOKLYN is an environmentally-friendly product. 95% manufactured with raw materials from the recycling industry, decking boards are also entirely recyclable.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) comes from the recycling of plastic waste (plastic bottles), and the wood fibres come from sawdust from manufacturers such as furniture makers.

Manufacturing BROOKLYN decking boards does not harm tropical forests and is an attractive alternative to exotic woods.

Screw-in finishing boards

A range of screw-in boards, identical to BROOKLYN boards, 22.5 x 138 mm section, but without grooves on the sides, may be used to create sundecks for swimming pools, stairs, floor openings and also a finishing strip around the deck.

Stainless steel 5 x 63 Cobra WPC screws, which resist rust and are offered in the same colour as the boards for more discretion, are used for fastening skirting and finishing boards.

Decking and skirting boards may be fastened with Cobra WPC composite screws of the same colour as the boards, but be careful to drill between 2 cells in order to ensure proper maintenance of the screw.

Deck finishing boards

A range of 10 x 84 mm skirting boards, grooved on one surface and smooth on the other, complete the BROOKLYN board range, making it possible to create deck edges up to a height of about 10 cm.

Finally, using an aluminium angle bar to ensure the peripheral contour of the deck and mask the junction between two grooved boards is always possible.

Leave a sufficient gap to ventilate the underside of the deck in compliance with Building Codes .


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4′ 8′ 12′ 16′ 20′
DUBLIN NORTH 50 50 50 50 50
DUBLIN SOUTH 50 65 65 65 65
50 100 150 150 250
MUNSTER 50 100 150 200 250
CONNAUGHT 50 100 150 200 250
ULSTER 50 100 150 200 250