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Eco Wood Slatted triple profile 22mm x 140mm x 4000mm



SKU: DF-CL-ECO-22-140-4000

Eco wood is coniferous wood, which acquires special properties through special ecological treatment. The ‘type of wood’ is artificially dried and therefore has less effect.

18.45 Per Length(Inc.VAT)

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What is Eco Wood?

Eco wood is a coniferous wood, which acquires special properties through ecological treatment. The ‘type of wood’ is Kiln dried and therefore more durable in wet condition. In addition, the ecological treatment ensures this wood is sustainable, the treatment colour of Eco wood is a beautiful authentic colour similar to Cedar Douglas Fir and Siberian Larch. With Eco wood you also have less trouble with resin formation than with Douglas Fir and Siberian Larch. In addition, the price is lower than that of untreated Douglas Fir, Cedar and Siberian Larch while it is more durable thanks to its special treatment. In addition, Eco Wood is more available and retains its red colour for longer.

The Irish Government is setting ever higher requirements for CO2 footprint and improvements to be achieved in the environmental field. This is laid down in the so-called ESG objectives (Environmental, Social and Governance). Eco Wood is therefore ideally suited to meet these objectives. This type of wood is biodegradable, while normal green or brown impregnated wood is not. This is because the amount of solid impregnating agent left in Eco wood (also called retention) is 5 times lower than normal green or brown impregnated wood. Eco wood has no residue after the ecological treatment process, while copper salts remain in other green or brown impregnated woods. Eco wood is therefore not only cheaper than Douglas Fir, Cedar or Siberian Larch but also very sustainable and responsible for our environment.

Advantages of Eco Wood

  • Up to 4 times longer colour retention than Douglas Fir & Siberian Larch and does not age quickly.
  • Provided no ground contact is more durable than Douglas Fir & Siberian Larch. Subject to unprocessed 10 years warranty on above-ground use.
  • All Eco class wood is PEFC / EUTR.
  • Ecologically responsible production process.
  • Strong wood, ideal for extension verandas, garden sheds and roofs.
  • Kiln dried before it is ecologically treated and therefore much more stable and dimensionally stable during processing and use.
  • Only A-choice wood, the chance of knots falling out is therefore very limited.
  • Beautiful, modern colour, treated for outdoors, without green/brown glow from traditional treated wood.
  • Perfect choice wood to use in place of Douglas Fir, Siberian Larch or Cedar.


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CONNAUGHT 50 100 150 200 250
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